The Bamboo Project

Project Description

I have heard good things about xfrog trees and wanted to try them out. For this I used the bamboo trees from their “Asia” collection as a base. I then proceeded with some tweaking (required for scene) which I did using the XFrog 3.5 software. I used a lot of my own textures combined with the ones Xfrog provides and connected them to VRay Shaders. All the leaves are 2 sided Vray materials. I went through other tree and plant libraries and did some fact searching as to the type of plant species which grow alongside in bamboo groves and repeated the modification process on them. The ground was a super quick sculpt and textured in Mari. Once all the elements were ready, I used a few different scattering and placement techniques to build my scene. Lighting was simple by using a HDRi which I shot at Lynn Headwaters Park with some gobos helping the mood. To keep the rendering process quick, I added in the atmosphere in Nuke.

Software Used

Maya, Xfrog Plants, Xfrog 3.5, Vray, Mari, Nuke, Photoshop

Breakdown (General)

A small video showing the final output followed by the breakdown process – 3D geometry, combining different render passes, final atmosphere effects like godrays, fog & dust particles and finishing with color correct.


direct youtube link :


Multi-matte Elements

All the plants had multi-matte elements associated with different sub-objects like leaves, stem, bark, grass blades, flowers, etc. These were both object and material based & were of great use in comp.

direct youtube link :

Overall Time Taken :

Pre-production : 1 – 2 hrs , Plants setup : about 20hrs, Scene setup : 8hrs, Final 2K HQ render : 1.5 hrs, Compositing : 8hrs

Note : the work machine is a 3 year old system 😉

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